Tuesday, December 20, 2011

on the track

I want to start by thanking everyone for your patience. I was quite a long time away from my blog and my fans but I am finally back. Some of you know I have relocated to USA and it took quite a time to settle my things up. But I am finally there.

Initially I wanted to go somewhere nice and warm but since I have decided to workout with Dylan Armbrust I considered it is a good decision to settle down here close to Denver, Colorado, for the beginning. I am training at his world famous Armbrust Pro Gym and I am very happy for having decided to work with him. The results of his training methods are extremely positive and I am so proud to present my body improved soon. That is, Ms. International. The list should be out any day now.
I am 10 weeks out of the show and I am more motivated than ever. Ms. International is a great show and they treat the athletes with so much consideration and attention. I would love to be on that stage again.

A few shots from the gym. I love the people here, they are all so nice and warm and welcoming:)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

post Olympia

Finally finished all the photo shoots and the hustle after the show. Thanks everybody for your support and for the congratulations, I am finally getting down to my emails and will answer you all.
I gotta start by telling that this has been one of the worst experiences of my life starting mainly on a private level and finishing with my 5th placing. I can take the positive part of it and be happy that I have qualified for next year but I have prepared for top 3. My body before the last day of water/carbs manipulation had a perfect shape. If those final details were achieved I would have been in the position to fight for that top 3 placing. But unfortunately due mainly to too much stress I didn't manage those fine tuned details. My 5th placing is well deserved and I just regret I could not get there where I wanted.
But there's always a next time. Since I am moving to US I obviously need a new trainer and I have already discussed with Dylan Armbrust; he will train me for the next Ms Olympia. I am very excited about our collaboration and I am sure he will bring me in the best shape possible.

I am now down in Ft Lauderdale for some vacation days and the weather is nice and hot:)
I will be on tour in US for a while and after that I have to decide where I settle down.

Thanks again to you all.

Here are some samples from a photo shoot I did with T'challa Hawk , he is a true artist. The other bodybuilder he shot me with is Toney Freeman.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Almost there

I am 2 days out... just some pics from my depletion workout and a few photo shoots around the house in Vegas.
I can hardly wait to see the carbed up end product on Friday evening:)

Thanks everybody for all your support and love


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Vegas, baby:)

I am in Vegas, arrived here Friday after a long trip that took about 25 hours -wake up time till I finally reached the final destination. But I have adapted well to the jet leg and I am training and making the final tune ins for Friday.
The big news is that I am moving to the States. I know this will make my American fans happy and my European ones sad but I decided this is the best step to do for my athletic career at this point. I will be in NY-NJ area and intend to make my way to California by next year.

Training at Gold's Gym it is an awesome gym, I just love it.

Can hardly wait to be on the Olympia stage.
Enjoy the pics:)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

on the track

I am tired but almost there. Just a few workouts left and departing this Friday to Vegas. It's gonna be a long trip but Annie will also be there waiting for me and I am so happy to see her again.
Stay tuned, more's coming;)
Have a nice new week, everyone.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2 1/2 weeks and a sexy dress

So nice to hear all the encouragements from my friends and fans. I am grateful to all of you, for the motivation and support you offer. Things are tough at this end but I guess it is normal. Almost zero carbs and I am not talking about Atkins diet:(( Feels miserable but the goal is worth it.
So, more progress pics for all of you out there who cheer me on and a new red dress I wonder for which photo/video shoot I will end up using? lol. Form looks good, just gotta get rid of the water and rock the stage:)

In about 10 days I am flying to Vegas and the last chapter before my first Olympia starts.

Friday, August 19, 2011


Doing everything right, staying on track and trying the hair styles for prejudging and finals:)

My hairdresser and good friend Enzo di Giorgio will join me in Vegas to style my hair for the stage. This is crazy him coming all the way to Vegas but I am so happy about it. He is really talented at it, 2008 World Champion:)


4 more weeks and I am there:)))

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mister OM:)

I had the pleasure of working with Oberdan Mancini a couple of days ago. He came to my little town where I live near Zurich and I had a great time with him shooting on a small hill against the odds (it had rained the whole day long and the sky cleared out only for a couple of hours when we shot before it started raining again!!!)
He already has the pictures up on facebook and I love them. He is a true artist.

Wish him all the luck with his LADY OM MMXI project:


Very interesting project, can hardly wait to see how the first edition of the show works out.

A few of my fav shots....

Kiss, everybody:)

Monday, August 8, 2011

thanks for the feedback

I got a great feedback from my fans and friends after posting the previous update.
So there you go, 5 1/2 weeks out pics as a big THANK YOU for all the great encouragements and motivation your guys offer me. (on my site you will find the an extensive range of photos from the same shoot plus the filmed workout to be updated soon)

Friday, August 5, 2011

6 weeks left

My prep goes on just great. I am 7-8 lbs heavier than the previous prep at this same phase but with better quality as I did not go full offseason.

Hope I bring a better package on O stage than at the Arnold's:)

Friday, July 1, 2011

11 weeks out of Olympia

And all goes well:) Summer is hot and diet shows its signs. Just wanna thanks my fans for their support and understanding. Hope to bring it on Olympia stage:)
Stay tuned, more to come soon.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

US Tour

I am currently during my US trip and all is fun. I had a few days of vacation with some of my friends in Ft. Lauderdale, we had so much fun getting out, training and grilling together.

Once I am back home I can start my diet for Olympia. Till then, I am still enjoying a bit of the American burgers:) Not too much tough, I need to stay as much in shape as possible as I will have just 12 weeks till the day of the show.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In full prep for Olympia

1st of April was the beginning of my prepfor Olympia. I am very motivated for this prep, gotta do it wise and avoid injuries (I have been preping for Arnold's since July 2010, had a 8 months special plan). This times I have a 6 months plan but unfortunately did not get the rest my body needed to recover, I just had 3 weeks of break in between. I do believe in wise bb in that one cannot just push his/her limits on and on. One has to train with phases and give the body and brain the right input to progress and grow but also the right rest and recovery time they need. That is why I am not too keen on competing too often. Ideally I would do 1 show a year, this year is a special one though so I have to do what I have to do and go ahead with trying to reach a great shape without compromises and injuries .
I cannot go too heavy before my hardcore diet starts which will be in June so I have to calculate my micronutrients and fit my food in a prescheduled frame.

I got my curves and the natural roundness of my face back:))

I am having my lovely friend Annie Rivieccio visiting me and we are having a great time. I simply love her:) We will be together at the Fibo event this weekend in Germany.

I baked an apple pie for her and she loved it:)

As a reward I got a great photo shoot:) To sample it:

Hope to meet lots of my European fans at Fibo. I will be doing lots of photo and video shoots there for my site and my clips4sale account so stay tuned. I will also have some surprises for my fans, will work with some of the popular European fbbs while there.