Tuesday, December 20, 2011

on the track

I want to start by thanking everyone for your patience. I was quite a long time away from my blog and my fans but I am finally back. Some of you know I have relocated to USA and it took quite a time to settle my things up. But I am finally there.

Initially I wanted to go somewhere nice and warm but since I have decided to workout with Dylan Armbrust I considered it is a good decision to settle down here close to Denver, Colorado, for the beginning. I am training at his world famous Armbrust Pro Gym and I am very happy for having decided to work with him. The results of his training methods are extremely positive and I am so proud to present my body improved soon. That is, Ms. International. The list should be out any day now.
I am 10 weeks out of the show and I am more motivated than ever. Ms. International is a great show and they treat the athletes with so much consideration and attention. I would love to be on that stage again.

A few shots from the gym. I love the people here, they are all so nice and warm and welcoming:)


  1. Hello Alina,

    This is Peter from D.C.
    Very good to hear that you finally there. I hope your training going well and you will knock every body off of the stage.
    I hope to see You soon.


  2. Bentornata............finalmente posso vedere che stai bene e sei uno splendore come sempre . Ciao un bacione .

  3. FINALLY! I was wondering if you would ever come back, :-). Still soooo cute, still my favorite! If I ever find myself in Denver, I might have to swing y that gym in hopes to see a certain FBB, ;-)

  4. Dear Alina,

    Welcome to the U.S., glad you were able to relocate. I hope this means you will be able to travel to the DC and NYC area more often. Hope to see you soon,