Thursday, September 22, 2011

post Olympia

Finally finished all the photo shoots and the hustle after the show. Thanks everybody for your support and for the congratulations, I am finally getting down to my emails and will answer you all.
I gotta start by telling that this has been one of the worst experiences of my life starting mainly on a private level and finishing with my 5th placing. I can take the positive part of it and be happy that I have qualified for next year but I have prepared for top 3. My body before the last day of water/carbs manipulation had a perfect shape. If those final details were achieved I would have been in the position to fight for that top 3 placing. But unfortunately due mainly to too much stress I didn't manage those fine tuned details. My 5th placing is well deserved and I just regret I could not get there where I wanted.
But there's always a next time. Since I am moving to US I obviously need a new trainer and I have already discussed with Dylan Armbrust; he will train me for the next Ms Olympia. I am very excited about our collaboration and I am sure he will bring me in the best shape possible.

I am now down in Ft Lauderdale for some vacation days and the weather is nice and hot:)
I will be on tour in US for a while and after that I have to decide where I settle down.

Thanks again to you all.

Here are some samples from a photo shoot I did with T'challa Hawk , he is a true artist. The other bodybuilder he shot me with is Toney Freeman.



  1. Non ti hanno dato il 3ht posto non perche non lo meritavi , ma per il motivo che Ti ho gia detto una volta . Adesso ,(anche se la cosa mi addolora molto per il motivo che sai) che stai diventando " Americana " vedrai che saranno molto piu obbiettivi . Inutile che ti ripeta cosa penso delle 4 avanti a Te sono sicuro che che Ti ricorderai il giudizio che gli ho affibbiato allo scorso Ms. Internatinal . Anche se il mio è solo un giudizio personale e non cambia la realtà , per me sei tu la vincitrice e la migliore in assoluto !! Mi è piaciuta quell' affermazione che hai fatto " cè sempre una prossima volta " , è vero per me sta diventando sempre piu difficile , ma ci sarà anche per me una prossima volta .................ciao ti raccomando non dimenticarmi.........

  2. Sorry to hear youre having a rough time, hopefully things get better and yeah 3rd at the Arnold qualified you for next years Oly too didnt it? Muwahaha! You really couldnt lose =D
    You're one of the most awesome bodybuilders Ive ever seen, Im sure you'll get it right and take the O sooner or later -so keep your chin up!

    P.S. If your moving to the US..move to Cali ^.^ -the west is the best!! And besides we have earthquakes, which are good for muscle tone. ^.-