Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Almost there

I am 2 days out... just some pics from my depletion workout and a few photo shoots around the house in Vegas.
I can hardly wait to see the carbed up end product on Friday evening:)

Thanks everybody for all your support and love



  1. Oh my...looking absolutely remarkable.

  2. Nice poolside pictures, that's a sweet play on words with the traditional bodybuilder shots and I cant wait to see you on friday either.It will be on have to be on later DvD) for me because I couldnt make it to Vegas, but hey one of these days I hope to see you in person on that stage. So you better win! or atleast qualify for next year ^.- Anyway Best of Luck!!

  3. Oh my gaaaaawd! How did you came into this miniskirt? Airbrush?

    Fingers are crossed!


  4. Wow! What a shape! Wordless... Goddess!
    (If you`ll not place in a final- I don`t understand in female bodybuilding anything!)
    Keep cams for your Victory!!!

  5. Non perdonerò mai me stesso di non averti potuta incontrare prima della tua partenza !!
    Spero che ti ricorderai di me anche quando sarai famosa in u.s.a perche sono sicuro che oggi lo diventerai , ancora di piu di quello che già non sei . Ciao Campionessa sei sempre nel mio cuore ........................ Ant.

  6. Grats on Fifth at the Olympia, that's more than respectable for a debut. Personally I would have had ya a bit higher but Im jaded in my taste I think -the bigger the better and everybody else in the top 6 looked shocking light standing next to you.

  7. La prossima volta regala un paio di occhiali ai Signori della giuria , così potranno vedere chi è la Migliore . Ottimo 5° posto , penso che anche Tu stia pensando quello che stò pensando io , cioè a come le maltratterai il prossimo anno . Nuovo pronostico Olimpia 2012 , Alina Popa 1° assolutooooooooooo !! Ciao un bacione .