Tuesday, November 6, 2012

This time I want to share with you the beginning of my bodybuilding journey from the family acceptance perspective. How many of you ladies haven't been discouraged and criticized  by your family members in the beginning of your fitness journey? How many encouraged? How many didn't give up no matter what and kept on pushing their limits?
Living in Eastern Europe in a traditional working-class family was not an easy starting point for me as a bodybuilder. Though I was already in college and out of town, I was still close enough to my parents to come see them every weekend. I love my parents dearly but at that time when I started to prep for my first show and my muscles exploded, the relationship was quite tensed. My mom and dad were completely against the sport criticizing it as not feminine and not adequate for a woman.
My parents never came to see any of my shows for many years. When they finally accepted that I AM A BODYBUILDER at heart and no matter what I won't stop, I was already competing abroad so they still never made it to see me competing live. But these days they are proud of my athletic achievements. My mom still holds on to some of my trophies and medals and they watch each of the internet broadcasted shows I compete in.
To me, besides being a sign of love that eventually accepts the loved person the way she/he is, this is a triumph of self-confidence, determination, drive and persistence  in following your vision. If you hold on to your dreams and don't give up, just follow your path and call, your efforts will be recognized and appreciated.
I am sure many of the girls out there who want to get strong and muscular are all the time discouraged by family, friends or acquaintances. Society nowadays does not like individuals who dare to step up and get out of the cliche. I just want to BEG you ladies, NEVER GIVE UP. This is a very unique passion for a woman and there will be very few of the ordinary looking people who will understand it ('why do you want to be muscular, you are a woman, muscles are for men', 'why do you torture yourself with those strict diets, come eat our fattening family dinners and enjoy life',' why don't you come with us party, you are no fun' and so on). If you find the beauty of exercising and healthy life style in your heart, just follow it and expand your given potential to the point YOU AND ONLY YOU find adequate. Stay strong in your position and work hard for your vision and in the end you and the results of your wise and beautiful work will be accepted.

Friday, November 2, 2012

After the 2012 Olympia

It just crossed my mind that I did not have the chance to thank everybody for your support at the Olympia. I have been kind of quiet during my prep this summer. It was a hard prep that took a lot of my focus and energy (well, doesn't it always?)
Anyway I was reading a forum the other day and someone was asking if I had any idea while on the stage how many people are rooting for me. The answer is yes, I heard you all out there supporting me and I want to thank for each and every positive email, each and every good word I heard from you all. As I was announced on the 4th place, there was a big disappointment/disapproval reaction coming from the crowd. That was an awesome moment, to stay there on the stage and realize so many people are watching and getting involved and rooting for me; I got goose bumps and I felt   grateful for having you all by my side. It offers me more motivation for the next year's competition.