Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In full prep for Olympia

1st of April was the beginning of my prepfor Olympia. I am very motivated for this prep, gotta do it wise and avoid injuries (I have been preping for Arnold's since July 2010, had a 8 months special plan). This times I have a 6 months plan but unfortunately did not get the rest my body needed to recover, I just had 3 weeks of break in between. I do believe in wise bb in that one cannot just push his/her limits on and on. One has to train with phases and give the body and brain the right input to progress and grow but also the right rest and recovery time they need. That is why I am not too keen on competing too often. Ideally I would do 1 show a year, this year is a special one though so I have to do what I have to do and go ahead with trying to reach a great shape without compromises and injuries .
I cannot go too heavy before my hardcore diet starts which will be in June so I have to calculate my micronutrients and fit my food in a prescheduled frame.

I got my curves and the natural roundness of my face back:))

I am having my lovely friend Annie Rivieccio visiting me and we are having a great time. I simply love her:) We will be together at the Fibo event this weekend in Germany.

I baked an apple pie for her and she loved it:)

As a reward I got a great photo shoot:) To sample it:

Hope to meet lots of my European fans at Fibo. I will be doing lots of photo and video shoots there for my site and my clips4sale account so stay tuned. I will also have some surprises for my fans, will work with some of the popular European fbbs while there.