Saturday, March 12, 2011

what a great achievement!!!

I want to thank everybody for your support and congratulations. I am amazed and overwhelmed by the amount of good feedback I got from fans, friends, people that rooted me on and gave me their feedback.

I am extremely happy to have made such a good placement at Ms. International and to have had such a good impact on people more or less involved in the sport. Time to rest for a while and start all over again with my prep for Olympia with a better motivation than ever. It has been a tough preparation and I literally destroyed my legs - but thanks God no injuries- to reach that shape and I will do my best to raise to the expectations for Olympia again.

Sorry if I did not manage to answer individually to everyone who wrote me, my messages and emails are piling up but I will get down to the bottom of them soon. Just to let you know, I am grateful for each and every email or comment I got.

I attach a sample of the work I did with C. Zimmerman the day right after the show, I just love it, I think this pic is insane and Chris is absolutely great.