Sunday, September 11, 2011

Vegas, baby:)

I am in Vegas, arrived here Friday after a long trip that took about 25 hours -wake up time till I finally reached the final destination. But I have adapted well to the jet leg and I am training and making the final tune ins for Friday.
The big news is that I am moving to the States. I know this will make my American fans happy and my European ones sad but I decided this is the best step to do for my athletic career at this point. I will be in NY-NJ area and intend to make my way to California by next year.

Training at Gold's Gym it is an awesome gym, I just love it.

Can hardly wait to be on the Olympia stage.
Enjoy the pics:)


  1. Ormai sei nel tuo regno . Ti auguro tanta fortuna sia per il prossimo Olimpia che per tuo futuro . Ciao spero di poterti rivedere .........................Ant.

  2. Glad to hear you're moving to Cali eventually. GOOD LUCK at the Olympia -kick ass!!

  3. As one of your american fans, I am overjoyed ;) Hope it all works out well for you, and i look forward to your Olympia performance!

  4. Alina is the most impressive female boybuilder for me.
    Thank you Alina! Keep it up!

  5. you look soo much better with dark color hair