Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2 1/2 weeks and a sexy dress

So nice to hear all the encouragements from my friends and fans. I am grateful to all of you, for the motivation and support you offer. Things are tough at this end but I guess it is normal. Almost zero carbs and I am not talking about Atkins diet:(( Feels miserable but the goal is worth it.
So, more progress pics for all of you out there who cheer me on and a new red dress I wonder for which photo/video shoot I will end up using? lol. Form looks good, just gotta get rid of the water and rock the stage:)

In about 10 days I am flying to Vegas and the last chapter before my first Olympia starts.


  1. u are my fav athlete!!! glad from italy

  2. Non smetterai mai di stupirmi sia per quello che stò vedendo , ma anche per altro.......Sai comincio ad essere curioso per una cosa....... Il mio pronostico ? Voglio stare largo , dico nelle prime 5 anche se per me sei la Miglioreeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ciao Antonio .

  3. what a queen!!!! amazing!!

  4. crossing you fingers ALI!!unbelievable shape!!