Thursday, January 26, 2012

on the track, 5 weeks out of Ms I

Everybody, thanks a lot for all your nice positive emails. I am doing great.
This has been the best preparation I have ever had. I am on the track, extremely motivated and most of the times in a good mood. I can hardly wait to be on that stage.

The Armbrust collaboration changed my life: I learned so many new things from Dylan and the way he pays attention to all the details his professionalism are so motivating. I really love the general atmosphere in Armbrust gym, the people are so supportive, accepting and friendly, I really feel like I found a new home.

Thanks to you all out there. 5 more weeks and the results of all the hard work will be put at work:) What an honor to compete with all those 15 terrific girls in Columbus.
A pic from my leg workout yesterday.

Have a great weekend everybody