Thursday, September 22, 2011

post Olympia

Finally finished all the photo shoots and the hustle after the show. Thanks everybody for your support and for the congratulations, I am finally getting down to my emails and will answer you all.
I gotta start by telling that this has been one of the worst experiences of my life starting mainly on a private level and finishing with my 5th placing. I can take the positive part of it and be happy that I have qualified for next year but I have prepared for top 3. My body before the last day of water/carbs manipulation had a perfect shape. If those final details were achieved I would have been in the position to fight for that top 3 placing. But unfortunately due mainly to too much stress I didn't manage those fine tuned details. My 5th placing is well deserved and I just regret I could not get there where I wanted.
But there's always a next time. Since I am moving to US I obviously need a new trainer and I have already discussed with Dylan Armbrust; he will train me for the next Ms Olympia. I am very excited about our collaboration and I am sure he will bring me in the best shape possible.

I am now down in Ft Lauderdale for some vacation days and the weather is nice and hot:)
I will be on tour in US for a while and after that I have to decide where I settle down.

Thanks again to you all.

Here are some samples from a photo shoot I did with T'challa Hawk , he is a true artist. The other bodybuilder he shot me with is Toney Freeman.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Almost there

I am 2 days out... just some pics from my depletion workout and a few photo shoots around the house in Vegas.
I can hardly wait to see the carbed up end product on Friday evening:)

Thanks everybody for all your support and love


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Vegas, baby:)

I am in Vegas, arrived here Friday after a long trip that took about 25 hours -wake up time till I finally reached the final destination. But I have adapted well to the jet leg and I am training and making the final tune ins for Friday.
The big news is that I am moving to the States. I know this will make my American fans happy and my European ones sad but I decided this is the best step to do for my athletic career at this point. I will be in NY-NJ area and intend to make my way to California by next year.

Training at Gold's Gym it is an awesome gym, I just love it.

Can hardly wait to be on the Olympia stage.
Enjoy the pics:)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

on the track

I am tired but almost there. Just a few workouts left and departing this Friday to Vegas. It's gonna be a long trip but Annie will also be there waiting for me and I am so happy to see her again.
Stay tuned, more's coming;)
Have a nice new week, everyone.