Sunday, January 23, 2011

5 1/2 more weeks

My prep is going on fine, after all I am getting tired and feel horrible which means I should look good.LOL. It is time to take advantage of the new contest shape prep and make more material for my members and for the new clips4sale account that will soon be launched.
I played a bit with the camera today and play is the right word, for I did not pose big time and thought I would give you a preview of what the next update outfit will be like.
I also changed my hair color a bit made it lighter and will work some more on it. Since I mentioned my hair, my hairdresser is a world champion himself his name is Enzo di Giorgio and we were both World Champions in the same year, 2008, it is just different domains:)
I am very motivated, been like this all along and I can hardly wait to be on Ms. I stage again and pose next to these wonderful athletes.
Thanks for your support and for following me:)