Monday, February 27, 2012


Finally the last week is here. I can hardly wait to be in Columbus on Wednesday and on that awesome stage on Friday. My prep has been better than ever and I am so thankful to Dylan and all the people in Armbrust Pro Gym for their support.

Gonna be fun to meet all the girls again and have some fun while we are at it. Today I shopped for my food I need there and of course the after-show food (lots of chocolaty things that I am craving lol) and I am more ready than ever.

Here's a few pics I took a couple of weeks ago with Brett Seeley which is an awesome photographer.

Thanks a lot to all of you for the warm support I got.


  1. Oh my GOD I love this woman. Alina, you have my vote for the Olympia, even if based on nothing more than your face :-)

  2. I hate that you're coming to Columbus and I won't get to see you. Best of luck, I've been following you're work since 2004. Happy you're finally in US, GO ALINA!!<3 you!!!

  3. Congratulations to Alina on her third place finish at the Ms International!

    You're working your way to the top spot,Alina.
    Hope you had a fun time at the Arnold.

  4. Welcher männliche Bodybuilder könnte dich im Wettkampf besiegen? :)

    Kenne keine bessere Bodybuilderin als dich!

    Du bist die Beste! :)

    Du hast ein sehr süßes Gesicht.

    Gefällt mir! :)

    Willst du in den kommenden Jahren noch an Muskelmasse zu legen?

  5. You're a focused and impressive athlete and it's an honor, to see Your beauty, while You are working out!

  6. precious and sexy... keep at it Alina!