Friday, November 2, 2012

After the 2012 Olympia

It just crossed my mind that I did not have the chance to thank everybody for your support at the Olympia. I have been kind of quiet during my prep this summer. It was a hard prep that took a lot of my focus and energy (well, doesn't it always?)
Anyway I was reading a forum the other day and someone was asking if I had any idea while on the stage how many people are rooting for me. The answer is yes, I heard you all out there supporting me and I want to thank for each and every positive email, each and every good word I heard from you all. As I was announced on the 4th place, there was a big disappointment/disapproval reaction coming from the crowd. That was an awesome moment, to stay there on the stage and realize so many people are watching and getting involved and rooting for me; I got goose bumps and I felt   grateful for having you all by my side. It offers me more motivation for the next year's competition.