Thursday, January 26, 2012

on the track, 5 weeks out of Ms I

Everybody, thanks a lot for all your nice positive emails. I am doing great.
This has been the best preparation I have ever had. I am on the track, extremely motivated and most of the times in a good mood. I can hardly wait to be on that stage.

The Armbrust collaboration changed my life: I learned so many new things from Dylan and the way he pays attention to all the details his professionalism are so motivating. I really love the general atmosphere in Armbrust gym, the people are so supportive, accepting and friendly, I really feel like I found a new home.

Thanks to you all out there. 5 more weeks and the results of all the hard work will be put at work:) What an honor to compete with all those 15 terrific girls in Columbus.
A pic from my leg workout yesterday.

Have a great weekend everybody



  1. Sono contento di vederti felice e motivata , ti auguro tante belle cose , di salire sui podi piu alti e di ottenere la fama che meriti .
    Se puoi pero , non ti dimenticare di chi ti ha voluto e ti vuole ancora tanto bene.........ciao.

  2. Hi Alina
    Go on for this way
    I'm breathless looking at your pictures
    You represent the perfection
    A great kiss and hug by an Italian fan of you
    The one who waited for you outside the hotel all the times we met us

  3. looking forward to seeing your amazing body this time. Please do a lot of vids... we want to see.
    Good luck beautiful!!