Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Trying to detach from traditions seldom causes a big deal of pain and struggles to go through. However, the price of managing to detach yourself from pre-set norms is much much smaller than the price you would eventually have to pay if you just conform to what you are told to, for it is the price of your own happiness.
The freedom of our heart is what makes us unique and authentic therefore the way we express our creativity in projecting our dreams into reality, following our passions and calls, this is what makes us happy human beings.

I was 18 yo when I ran away from home. I loved my parents to death but they were trying to raise me in a very strict environment. I don't blame them, they were doing what they thought should be done and best for me, the traditional way back in a barely out of communism Romania. But what I was dreaming of was big: a little bit more of freedom at home was just the beginning, I was dreaming of places and people I only read in books about, I was dreaming of going through life without having to give an account for what i do to anyone but myself and God. ...... I was away 2-3 days, just enough to make it a protest and show them I needed my freedom. And when I got back home, what followed was a long painful serious conversation, but I got my freedom. As I imagined, it was just the beginning.
It all starts in our imagination, a sparkle, an idea, a vision, then an emotional response follows, usually pleasure/joy at the idea of reaching that image. All we need is one step: the first step towards reaching that goal, no matter how crazy it might sound.

I LOVE BODYBUILDING, it taught me how to fight, how to stay strong against the odds and even society's tendency and praysal for conformism, it eventually made me a better human being. I do believe that overcoming obstacles in trying to reach my dreams made me more self-confident and stronger. I know I can achieve whatever I want as long as my goal is true to my nature and comes from that warm place inside me that's filled with love and passion.
My goals don't stop in bbing, this was just the beginning, the difficult and painful starter that showed me that if I can do this, I could do anything. I will follow my call in trying to reach out to as many people as possible and help them by motivating them towards their goal or showing some of my fitness life experience . I will follow my goal of reaching prosperity  involving as many people as possible along the road, to share and benefit together from a  gift that can be abundant, given the right approach.
Nothing can stop you on your way to freedom, all you need is a bit of courage.


  1. Avevi un sono e lo hai raggiunto continua cosi e non fermarti mai ................sei una persona meravigliosa , grazie di esistere !

  2. Such an amazing story, very inspirational...

  3. Wow, that is an amazing journey. One thing is for sure; you are determined. I have no doubt you will be Mrs. Olympia in 2014... I actually had you ahead of Iris Kyle... you have fresher looking muscle and prefer your overall shape. Best Wishes! J.

  4. she is special lady I would like to meet

  5. Hi, I’ve been reading your blog and just wanted to ask you something? Please email me back. Thanks!