Monday, August 23, 2010

I just started the second phase of my prep. This morning I was weighing, at the peak of my offseason, 89 kilos (196 lbs). The workouts are now, as I already said, much more intensive and quality oriented; it hurts now in the beginning, as my condition is not so good due to lack of cardio, the muscles burn, but I love this feeling. One phase is over and I am one step closer to my goal. This year I want to have a better tighter package.
No new pics for the moment but looking through my site, I found a few black and whites from 2006, when I had that short blonde hair.... remember that???? lol ... I found them nice, they were taken by mattmuscle ( in Düsseldorf and he edited them a bit, gave them a black and white kick, I wanted to post them as a memory from the past.

Have a great week, everybody:)


  1. Hello Alina,if always the best, with blond hair were undoubtedly a beautiful girls, but i can assure you that with your current color, and with her hair there are no words to describe. Alina you more time passes, the more beautiful, i can reveal your secret? Hello Alina an affectionate hug, bye bye Puppy

  2. Hello Alina, i hope You had a good week and i wish You a good weekend, a big kiss hello Dear