Monday, February 21, 2011

2 weeks out

I am almost there... I cannot describe how excited I am to be on the Arnold's stage again.
My shape seems to be better than last year, at least in my eyes. LOL. Of course, the final product is the most important as, in the end, hours can change so much.

I am flying to the States in the end of this week and I can hardly wait to move on, 99% of the work has been done and now is the time of the show:)

I kept you updated with a few front photos a few weeks ago, I almost felt obliged to show you a back shot as well:)

Thanks again to all my good friends and fans for their support and all the good feedback and motivating words I received. A few of you really made me push 'those' buttons:)


  1. The backs of your legs,and calves look great!
    I'm sure you will be super sharp for the contest.

    I hope they give you all the trophies you can carry.But you should be proud of yourself no matter where judges place you.
    The hard work shows.
    You just keep looking more impressive.

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  3. I think you have a shot of taking Iris down! There are not that many women who even have a shot, but your hard work, improvements in size, and hardness have you right there! I think you are just what the judges are looking for at the Arnold and if you can get a little harder I think you have a shot! I said it right here Alina's taking the Ms I title away from Iris in 2011!


  4. You have muscle and you look beautiful, hell you have it all. If thats not enough to take the crown i dont know what is.

    All the best,

  5. Since I'm sure Alina's fans would hate to see the death of Women's Bodybuilding,I just thought I would pass this along.
    It looks like the IFBB is thinking about dropping the Women's Bodybuilding contests.
    They want to replace the real,uncompromised Bodybuilders with fitness models they think they can market to the general public.
    One of the Weider brothers is dead.And the other is a very old man.
    The sport of competitive Bodybuilding may be facing some changes.I really hope the money men don't ruin things for the true fans.

    There is an online petition I found linked from the site.
    Look up -

    I don't know how much online petions help.But it's a small effort,and maybe it will do a little good.

  6. Alina, ormai sei "all'alba" ! Con le dita sempre incrociate non dobbiamo fare altro che aspettare e vederti trionfare come la Regina incontrastata del Ms. International 2011. Ciao Alina un bacione, un abbraccio, fai un buon viaggio, divertiti nella tua permanenza negli States e cosa altro dirti Alina sei un mitoooooooooooooooo.............ciao Ant.

  7. Join to all warm words and wishes, what were above! 100% agree with AzureFrettyArgent. That`s why I`d like to continue-
    Everybody knows, that each Personality formed by its own doings. And if these doings belong to specific aim- of’ course its result. But firstly the result, what satisfies us! And only then surrounding us people( in this case firstly its judges, of course and than Your parents, friends and fans may be…)
    As far as I can see your aim is well done- you proud of Yourself! Weeks of hard trainings not been in vain. And this`s most important! That`s why no matter what will be on upcoming event . In motivation sens you is already champ!
    Seriously, I truly think, that even negative emotions from the battle( God bless it never happened!) couldn`t destroy your faith, persistence, tenacity and motivation talent! As well as your unique charisma, whereby you fascinate sure not only writing here bloggers…
    Success on upcoming event. I would like to such a girl with character as Fortune be on your side these days!
    And as we said at home- keep cams for you and your Victory!!!

  8. will have a webcast of the contest.
    Alina's event will be on Friday,March 4th.

  9. Alina,

    just wonderful! Great symmetry, great definition. And I think, you improved your calves mightily. Go forward + take it! Hope to see you soon again!


  10. She placed third!
    Well done,Alina!

    She looked great compared to the top two.When these older competitors are out of the way,Alina will be Ms Olympia.Just a matter of time.

  11. WOW Alina, I've just looked at the Ms International, you looked great! You are soo beautiful! :) Congratulations on your third place and good luck at the Olympia! :)