Saturday, March 12, 2011

what a great achievement!!!

I want to thank everybody for your support and congratulations. I am amazed and overwhelmed by the amount of good feedback I got from fans, friends, people that rooted me on and gave me their feedback.

I am extremely happy to have made such a good placement at Ms. International and to have had such a good impact on people more or less involved in the sport. Time to rest for a while and start all over again with my prep for Olympia with a better motivation than ever. It has been a tough preparation and I literally destroyed my legs - but thanks God no injuries- to reach that shape and I will do my best to raise to the expectations for Olympia again.

Sorry if I did not manage to answer individually to everyone who wrote me, my messages and emails are piling up but I will get down to the bottom of them soon. Just to let you know, I am grateful for each and every email or comment I got.

I attach a sample of the work I did with C. Zimmerman the day right after the show, I just love it, I think this pic is insane and Chris is absolutely great.


  1. I would be SO honored to be your husband.... :-)

  2. Ciao Alina , di nuovo complimenti Ti riconfermo quanto gia scritto nella email che ti ho mandato in merito al tuo terzo posto . Ti trovo in forma strepitosa e mi sembra di capire che ormai il Tuo prossimo obbiettivo sia il Ms. Olimpia . Alina mi ricordo il Tuo entusiasmo a Natale quando ai ricevuto l'invito al Ms. Internation , ai lavorato duro e ai ottenuto il meglio . Alina se questo è il tuo nuovo obbiettivo, sono sicuro che Tu sarai ancora una volta la Migliore !!!! Non mi stancherò mai di dirtelo . Alina vorrei salutarti dicendoti , dita incrociate ,la determinazione di sempre e ormai non me la sento piu di dirti ciao campionessa , ma voglio già poterti dire ciao " futura Ms. Olimpia " !! Ciao Alina un bacione e permettimi di poterti dire una cosa......mi manchi tanto..

  3. Congratulations again.
    Enjoy your rest.
    And don't fall off those high heels!

  4. perfect! you should have won at the arnolds! you look like a goddess and chris are amazing together!

  5. Honestly, after being gone for almost 2 weeks, say any warms words about event, what, sure, means for you so much, than all of us even can imagine, maybe not so right time? But… I`d like to continue!
    Unfortunately, I had not the opportunity to watch the contest on-line. In general, as fotoreports about it( And saw them only after a time, rather this weekend. But would still not write-I could not!
    And not because you really impressed your forms, beauty and grace. As well as your fire energy on the stage, improved by your unique charisma( about what I mentioned in last post). And not even because you won only the third place( As for me- it`s not honest! And to be silent about this- I can`t)
    Browsing the reports I caught myself thinking, that sport, what has the same champs is almost dead body. More precisely – it doomed to rapid extinction! And total degradation in the public eye( what is
    also important, I think!) for years … Considering the fact , that new faces-upcoming stars don`t appear in the top of Olymp ( it seems to me, that they are not welcome there!...) And today champs, sure, don`t motivate others. That`s why they make the wrong promotion , I think, equally as opinion about female bodybuilding as sport!
    Honestly, I don-t understand what criteria ruled the judges when they chose the final 3, but I think, they forget about one important think- this`s Ms. International! This`s female bodybuilders contest! FEMALE!!! And firstly in female- it`s her Beauty ! Her Femininity! But not a size of the bicep! And don`t understand this- like suicide! With one's own hands put this sport into the grave…
    This is only my humble opinion, of course! (But if we remember tendentious, what had place in female bodybuilding last time, personally I think, that unfortunately, this`s pre-planned actions…)
    I`m not a specialist- really fitness is more attractive in commercial sens, than bodybuilding?
    At last I`d like continue the Adam`s comparing you with Valkyrie.
    I think you Freya( of`course with warrior appearance if we are talking about this splendid foto!:) Or Venus, which birth, maybe, is taking place in our eyes now! And that will be a new icon of peculiar Renaissance in female bodybuilding. And raise it in a higherest tops, attention views of millions! (In essence, when Botticelli created his masterpiece, he reflected the canon of beauty of that times. Maybe you`ll be of our`s? Forever destroy a myth that muscle female can`t be beautiful!...)
    My congratulations with your splendid appearance and an optimistic start of New sport Year for you! In your, sure, long and brilliant career!!!
    God, bless you!
    P.S. Honestly, really was disappointed to read about your a tough preparation. Be more carefull next time! As they say best the enemy of good! And any sport trophy, I think, doesn`t cost our health! Even it`ll be the most wanted trophy in the world!


  7. Ciao Alina , fortunatamente ho potuto constatare di persona che Tu sei una ragazza che scolta si le persone che incontra , ma poi le decisioni le prende da sola con la propria testa. Vedere scrivere certe cose mi viene proprio da pensare che al mondo ci sono sempre meno persone , permettimi di dirti " come noi " che hanno dei sogni e li vogliono realizzare mettendoci impegno fatiche e quantaltro. Alina ancune volte pensando a quello che mi hai raccontato sulla Tua vita dal primo approccio in palestra , quasi di nascosto da Tua mamma , fino ad arrivare ai risultati attuali mi vengono le lacrime credimi . Alina secondo me Tu adesso sei alla vigilia di una grande svolta nel Tuo sport , il Tuo nuovo obbiettivo sarà veramente quello che farà parlare di te per il prossimo decennio . Non ascoltare falsi profeti sii te stessa come ti ho conosciuta , il tuo è uno sport che solo persone speciali possono praticare ed avere risultati , Tu hai avuto risultati perchè sei speciale . Ciao f.Ms.O un bacione e un abbraccio....................Ant.

  8. Congratulations Alina, you looked awesome onstage. You never cease to amaze!!

  9. Penso che quello che si prova con una grande conquista , si possa paragonare alla felicità che si prova quando un sogno diventa in parte realtà . Grazie ..................Ant.

  10. sexy sexy sexy.... beautiful legs!! congrats baby!

  11. your hard work is seing and admiring by more and more.. all your body is a tribute to hard work!!