Tuesday, February 1, 2011

sad news

Sad to hear that NY Pro has been cancelled for FBB. Sorry for those girls who started the prep already for one of the most prestigious pro shows for female bodybuilders and not only, just to find out it has been pulled out. I wonder if this is a sign of the beginning of the end ..... as they have been storming on the forums ever since the announcement of the new division Physique.

I was even considering to do it myself in an attempt to qualify for Olympia. I really want to stay on that stage this year. But I decided not to do the FIBO, which is 5 weeks apart from Ms. International. I just don't have enough resources right now to go on 5 or 6 more weeks after that. I am pretty much at the limit, as it always happens as we approach a show.

Got some snapshots today as I arrived home after my leg workout. I am still pretty heavy at 78 kg, approximately 172 lbs but the quality is good and got 4 more weeks to chisel everything I have.

Thanks everybody for the nice emails I receive and your rooting for me.
I am waiting for next Monday, when it starts the 3 weeks out.... lol .... that's the way I countdown.... :)


  1. sorry about it; is a complete crazy thing!! i dont mind is the end.. FBB.????. i am very sad about u and other competetors, is very hard sport, and nobody knows about sacrifice, i am in shock!! sorry

    darly florian

  2. Ooh, how bad...But FBB dying?...Only a bad thing?...Maybe also something good: it will mean that the FBBs who decide to be loyal to FBBing will be more special...The exception...

    The only ones that will have fans that are willing to support them, join their sites, buy their clips...Less competitions, but more money...

    And of course you, Aliiinnnaaaa, will profit like crazy from this!...

    All the physique whimplettes will find out the hard way: the hardcore fans are the only ones willing to spend money, while the fans of fitness/figure/physique women spend way less...

    The IFBB will not give them a decent income...Neither any supplement company...

    Sooo...Alina, you're going to get super rich from this all...If I were you I would already start be checking the Aston Martin dealers!


  3. Ciao Alina, vedo che sei sempre piu in forma di settimana in settimana fai dei passi da gigante. Io non faccio altro che pensare e sperare che questo tuo impegno che dura ormai da mesi, sia ripagato con la prossima gara, con un risultato che vada oltre ogno tua aspettativa, in un mondo dove uno sport meraviglioso come il tuo non sempre, e secondo me addirittura mai, i risultati che si ottengono non sono niente in paragone all'impegno ed ai sacrifici necessari per ottenere un certo tipo di preparazione. Alina se puoi in queste 3 settimane tienici informati sui tua preparazione. Forza Alina voglio vederti trionfare al Ms. Ciao Campionessa.

  4. Looking for your growing results, I thing everybody can take it like a peculiar screen-shoot for itself. And add it to its own collection with simple topic MOTIVATION! And every morning looking at him start one more round vs his own laziness...
    Sincerely glad for you! And good luck on upcoming event!!!

  5. And what about NY Pro- in my opinion- there is not an end! We like or not- our world is under money control. And only some persons decide what will be or not...
    That`s why we must always be ready for such chagrins! Especially when we talk about sport...

  6. I'm sorry to hear about the cancellation of the NY Pro.
    I think it's clear to everyone that this all boils down to a marketing issue.The men in suits who run the bodybuilding shows don't think they can make enough money off the female bodybuilders.They keep saying no one wants to see them.Of course all they do is push the idea no one should want to see them.
    It isn't true,and they are a big part of the problem.
    They keep pandering to the lowest common taste.
    They don't seem to care about the fact that in the process,they are losing the very heart of bodybuilding.

    If the female bodybuilders themselves don't get together and fight,you will just keep getting kicked down.
    You can mourn,or you can do something about it.
    You need to form a player's union.
    A women's bodybuilding association.
    In 1970 a group of female tennis players lead by Billie Jean King created the Women's Tennis Association.BJK also created the Women's Sports Foundation.
    The prize money at all the Grand Slam tournaments is equal for men,and women.The Champion of the US Open wins $1,700,000.
    Played at the Billie Jean King USTA National Tennis Center.
    With The Women's Sports Foundation leading the way,Title IX insures that female athletes have equal accesss at US colleges.
    Where do you think the female athletes would be without this kind of effort?
    Being treated like the female bodybuilders are now.Like nobody wants you.
    They want you to shut up,and be happy with the scraps they throw you.
    And if you complain? What happens?
    Female bodybuilders don't have much of a voice in the sport.
    If you all don't fight to change that,where will you be?

    I think you can change it.I know The Women's Sports Foundation could give good advice.I hope female athletes would be supportive of your situation.
    I think it's past time for bodybuilders to stand up for themselves.
    It can only get better if you try.